Super China Buffet: I've been going there for years!

Every town has one, that super cheap Chinese buffet!  We have one here on the north side of Indy.  It's on Keystone in front of Walmart next to the Dollar Tree.  The Super China Buffet serves some really good Chinese food!  I started going there almost 7 years ago, and I'm still going back!
My First Course
When I go to the Super China Buffet, I always start with the hot and sour soup, egg rolls, and crab Rangoon.  This is the best hot and sour soup in town!  It's my favorite!  Sometimes, I'll go for a second cup!  The crab rangoon is a lot like other Chinese restaurants. The egg rolls have ginger in them, which throws off the flavor slightly.  It's like a hint of cinnamon, which is just weird!  But that doesn't stop me from getting at least two every time! 
Ian and his Chinese Food
Ian always starts with the main dishes.  The good thing at the Chinese buffet is, you can try every thing to find something that you like!
Sweet and Sour Sauce
I get a bowl of sweet and sour sauce and dip almost every thing in it, especially my egg rolls and crab rangoon. 
My Main Dish
At the Super China Buffet, I put the main dishes on my plate first, and then, the rice.  I try to leave less room for the rice, so, I don't eat as much of it.  I get the Broccoli from the Beef and Broccoli. I get the General Tso's Chicken.  I get a few pieces of the fried chicken to dip in the sweet and sour sauce.  I get a wonton, and then, I put the sauce for the wonton on my rice.  There's something about that sauce that is so good!  It's kind of strange, because it sits on the edge of the buffet and not in the buffet.
Ian's Dessert Plate
The Super China Buffet has the known things that Chinese buffets have in their dessert area.  They also have a soft serve ice cream machine.  He got the spiral cake, the cookie, and the candy covered nuts.  
My Dessert Plate
I always get the cherry jello, the white cake spiral, and a fortune cookie.  I test the cake spiral to see if it's stale or not.  I actually love fortune cookies!  The vanilla flavor cookie is awesome!  Sometimes I forget if it's the orange jello or the cherry jello that I like better and get both to taste them.  The orange has a strange taste to me, so, I stick with the cherry.  
My Fortune
I was taught by a college friend that, for the fortune to come true, you have to eat the entire cookie before reading the fortune! I have stuck to this rule every since.  
I've always loved the Super China Buffet on Keystone.  I give it 3 and a half pizza pies out of four. The price is good at $5.95 per person.  The food is consistently tasty.  The price has only gone up once in the 7 years I have been going there.  The place is usually hopping during the dinner hours.  I recommend anyone on the north side looking for cheap Chinese food to go to this place!  




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