Monday, April 6, 2015

Classic Cakes of Carmel, IN

Our Wedding Cake 
Made by Classic Cakes
Classic Cakes of Carmel, IN is a place that makes cakes for all occasions with professionalism and artistry. 
I met Sarah that works at Classic Cakes through church. She would make all of the cakes for the couples at church, and her decorating skills are amazing! I would ask at every reception, "Who made your cake?" The answer was always, "Sarah. She works at Classic Cakes. She's the one to talk to!!!" 
So, I knew, without a doubt, even before I met my now husband, where my wedding cake was going to come from! 
To start our wedding cake journey, I contacted Sarah and made an appointment for cake tasting and design ideas with her. We met with her and tasted every kind of cake they had.  (Find the list of flavors and pricing here.) We decided on our bottom and top layer of the cake would be almond pound cake with chocolate truffle filling, our second tier was white cake with butter cream filling, and our third tier was keylime with butter cream filling. (I don't see the keylime listed on their site anymore.) After we did the tasting, Sarah got out some colored pencils. We told her we were having a peacock themed reception focusing on the feathers and the blues and greens, and she got to work. She sketched out shapes and ideas. I brought with me a swatch of the bridesmaids dresses so she could match the color. She did perfectly! It's the green behind the feather.
 Sarah posted this picture for me when it was finished!
After letting my husband help make some decisions and seeing the sketch that Sarah came up with, we were happy! I am a huge fan of butter cream! This cake had plenty of it! 
Cutting the Cake
The cake was a beautiful center piece for our reception. Classic cakes delivered it to our venue for a fee. I'm sure glad they did, because that's one less thing I had to deal with! 
Top of the Cake on Our 1 Year Anniversary
They included instructions on how to wrap the top of your wedding cake, so it would taste good on the one year anniversary.  We followed the instructions, and the cake still tasted amazing! 
If you're in the market for a wedding cake or even a cake for any special event, check out Classic Cakes! They will work with you to create anything you can imagine! 
*Wedding pictures taken by Memorable Milestones Photography