Baked French Fries

Right now, I have quite the obsession with french fries made at home.  What started this obsession was, I bought the Pampered Chef French Fry Cutter.  I've been going back and forth between cooking the fries in oil or baking them in the oven.  So far, the ones fried in oil have been better.  This recipe is for one of the times I tried baking them.

3-4 Idaho Potatoes
2 Tbs Olive Oil or Olive Oil Spray
1 tsp Pampered Chef Garlic Pepper Seasoning or Garlic Powder and Pepper
Or any seasoning you want your fries seasoned in.

*Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

First, cut your french fries either with the french fry cutter or how you choose. Then, put them in a bowl.   Then, put on the olive oil, I used a spray, and the seasoning.  Stir it all around.
Spray the olive oil on your baking sheet or cooking spray.  Put the fries flat or in one layer on a baking sheet and put in the oven. Cook for 12 minutes, then, turn the fries with a spatula.  Be careful!  I dropped a fry on the bottom of the oven and tried to set my oven on fire! I got it out with tongs though!  Cook for 12 more or until they look golden brown.
Then, serve with your favorite dipping sauce!  Mine is Ketchup.  Ian's is Ranch.  I feel like I could have cooked these a little longer.  They still turned out way better than the first time I tried to bake them. 
Do you make baked fries?  What do you season them with?


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