English Ivy's: A Downtown Indy Treasure

For dinner last  weekend, Ian and I with a couple of our friends, Andrew and Bryan, went to English Ivy's for dinner.  English Ivy's is on Alabama St. downtown.  Ivy's has been a place for my friends and I to go after shows at Footlite Musicals for around four years.  This restaurant will take any size party and make room for them.  The have a nice sized menu, which every thing from sandwiches to full dinners.  They also serve pizza!  But I didn't get that on this trip.

Bryan and his Stuffed Portabella Dinner
Bryan got the stuffed Portabella Dish.This is one of the vegetarian options at Ivy's. Bryan said this had some really good flavors to it.
Andrew with his Grilled Chicken Breast
Andrew got the grilled chicken breast sandwich. He skipped the bread and ate the chicken breast.  He said that the chicken breast had a really nice seasoning on it, which really enhanced the flavor of the chicken.
Ian and the Chicken Cordon Bleu Melt
Ian got the chicken cordon blue melt. He said that he really liked it. The chicken was juicy and flavorful. 
Artichoke Chicken Breast Dinner
I got the artichoke chicken breast meal.  This is what I get pretty much every time I come to Ivy's!  The combination of the chicken breast, cheeses, bacon,and artichokes make this an awesome dish! Along with the choice of two sides and a dinner roll, this meal is quite filling.  I actually took my baked potato home to eat later.  All main courses come with a dinner salad also.  The vegetable side was an interesting combination of broccoli, red peppers, yellow carrots, and a squash.  They were cooked just enough.
I realize that three out of four of us ordered chicken.  I don't order chicken out very often.  This is the one place I do every time I go.
I give English Ivy's three and half pizza pies out of four.  This restaurant and bar is a staple of the gay community in Indianapolis.  It has a fun atmosphere and awesome food!  The menu has something for everyone.  There's also a bar side of the restaurant if you just want to get a drink and watch the game.  The night we were there, Butler won a basketball game.  Excitement was buzzing through out the whole restaurant!  English Ivy's has a bit of an intimate touch to it.  I like going here, because I can actually hear what the rest of the table is talking about.  I want to try to go here more often!


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