Happy New Year: Enjoy some Corned-beef and Cabbage!

Every year, for New Year's Day, I make corned-beef and cabbage.  It's a tradition that is supposed to bring good luck for the year!  I usually throw this in the crock pot before I go to bed and let it cook all night.  That way, when I wake up late New Year's Day, I have something good for lunch ready to go!

2-3lbs Corned-beef (Comes with Seasoning Packet)
3 Onions Quartered (can be more)
6 Red Potatoes Quartered (can be more)
1/2 Head of Cabbage
1-2 Cups White Vinegar
1 Tbs of Garlic Powder
Olive Oil Spray (Or Pam. I prefer Olive Oil.)
1 Stick Butter
1-2 Cups Water or 1 Can Beef Broth
2 Tbs Worcester Sauce
Pepper to taste.  I don't put salt in this, because corn-beef is already a very salty cured meat. 
*You can put in carrots too.  I'm just not a huge carrot eater.

Loaded the Crock Pot Before Bed
Before I went to bed, I put it all in the crock pot!  First, I spray the crock pot with olive oil spray.  You can use any cooking spray.  Then, I put in the corned-beef.  I open the package of meet over the crock pot and let the juices fall in the pan.  I take out the the little packet of seasoning that comes with it.  I open the season, and rub it on to both sides of the meat.  It usually sticks pretty well.  Then, I start putting the potato pieces down beside the meat and on top.  After that, I put in the onions.  I lay the cabbage on top.  Then, I put in the vinegar, Worcester sauce, and beef broth.  I slice the butter and place the pieces all around the top. I turn the crock pot on low.  Then, I go to bed.
*I usually sleep a good 8 hours.  I would say, this is probably done between 6-8 hours.
In the morning... 
In the morning, this is what my corned-beef and cabbage looks like.  I take the crock of the heating element, and let it set for 10-15 minutes.  Then, I take all of the vegetables out and put them in a dish.  I take the meat out and set it on a plate. 

Cooked Corned-Beef
Corned-beef is naturally a redder looking meat.  This is fully cooked, but to some, it may not look like it.  After it rests for about ten minutes, I slice it. 
How I Serve This
When I serve this, I put the vegetables and corn-beef on the table in separate dishes, and let people get what they want.  I put the juices from the crock pot in with the veggies.  The juices can act as a gravy without making one. 
Corned-beef and cabbage with veggies is my favorite thing to serve on New Year's Day.  It's an Irish Tradition.  I tried to find out why, but all of the answers online were, "It's an Irish Tradition, but we don't know why?"  So, if any one knows why, please tell me!  I've heard, by eating this dish on New Year's Day, one is supposed to receive good wealth and good health for the year!  I also make this for Saint Patrick's Day.
We'll see what happens!  Happy New Year!


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