Monday, February 28, 2011

Uno Chicago Grill/ Pizza

Uno Chicago Grill claims to be the "Birthplace of the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza!"  I'm not so sure about that. Here is their web site:

Ian and I went there for lunch one day.  We ordered the usual Bacon, Tomato, Mushroom toppings for our Chicago Style Deep Dish pizza at Uno's for lunch.  The wait for the pizza was about twenty minutes, which isn't too bad for a deep dish.  Ambiance was between a trendy or current restaurant and a little bit of old italian thrown in there.  There seemed to be a lot of people with really young loud kids that day.  Not that I don't like kids, but it seemed strange for that many to be there in the middle of a work day.
Maybe the balloons are to attract the little ones.

Our table looked like this:
They do have Mr. Pibb to drink, which makes me a happy person!  Sometimes it's the little things in life!  The pizza came it and it looked pretty good!
The toppings were actually a bit over whelming.  The tomato was fresh, but the bacon and mushrooms were kind of on the soggy side.  The sauce had an ok tangy flavor. 

The crust wasn't so great. It was on the soggy side.  Every time I cut into it, the bottom of it came off and stuck to the plate.
That is the bottom of the crust stuck to the plate!  Uno isn't one of my favorite pizza places, especially for Chicago Deep Dish.  I would have the local restaurant, WB's. 

They did have this cool nutrition kiosk in there front entry way.  You can see the nutrition information on all of the food they sell. You can also build your own pizza.  We looked at the information for a tomato deep dish.

It looks exactly like the informaiton on the food you would find in a grocery.  I really like this idea and wish more restaurants would use it.  I do give them an A+ for the availibility of the nutrition information. 
As a pizza, I give this pizza 2 pizza pies out of four pizza pies.  It's ok in a pinch, but I would reccomend going somewhere else if you have the time.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Giordano's Pizza

In December, we made a trip to Giordano's pizza in downtown Chicago.  This place famous for it's original Chicago Style pizza. In fact, Jenny McCarthy has it shipped to her in California because it is her favorite!  Recently, I read that Giordano's is filing for bankruptsy.  The lull in the economy has hit the company hard. 

When you order a deep dish pizza, either get there before you are going to get hungry, or order cheese bread.  We ordered cheese bread.  It takes the Chicago deep dish pizza over forty-five minutes to bake.

This is the Pizza my niece and her boyfriend ordered.  It had green peppers and some other things on it.  I didn't try any of it, but it looked really good!

Ian and I ordered close to our usual, but Giordano's doesn't have regular old bacon, only Canadian Bacon.  Our pizza had tomatoes, mushrooms, and sausage.  I was really bummed that they don't have bacon.  As my niece and I always say, "We love to eat the little piggies!"  I'm sure the vegetarians are going to hate us for that one! The ambiance of the restaurant is very Italian old style.  See the checkered tables?
When I lived in the greater Chicago area, I probably had Giordano's a total of maybe three times.  It was so good, but not really in my budget. It was always an event to go out for it. 

The Chicago style pizza has crust, then cheese, then tomato sauce, and then, the toppings.  This picture is to show the huge slices of fresh tomato on top, which were awesome!

In the deep dish style, there is a ton of cheese.  I love cheese, even though I am lactose intolerant.  After the forty-five minute wait and our cheese bread, the pizzas arrived at our table.  We dug in!  The crust is pretty delicious. The cheese is quality mozzarella. The sauce has a really good crushed tomato texture and a nice amount of Italian seasoning that makes it a hearty marinara.  The toppings are fresh except I really hope that they would add bacon to their plethora of toppings to choose from.  The sausage has Italian spices in it. 
I give Giordano's Pizza, the God Father of Chicago Deep Dish, three and a half pizza pies out of four pizza pies. 
The next time you are in the Chicago area, I would recommend stopping in and trying this pizza for dinner.
Here is their web site.

6/4/14- Edit: In recent news, we found out that Giordano's is opening an Indianapolis location! We are really excited and can't wait!