Simple Tasty Guacamole

I've never been a fan of Guacamole.  Then, I started making it at home.  I've decided, the only way I really like it, is fresh!  If you've ever been to Adobo Grill, they make it for you right at the table!  This is my simple home made guacamole recipe.
2 Ripe Avocados
1 Packet of Concord Foods Guacamole Seasoning
1 Can Rotel Chilis and Tomatoes Drained (You can go as spicy as you like with these. I used mild.)
My Guacamole
Cut your avocados, pit them, and put the meat in the bowl.  Smash them with a fork. When the avocados are smashed to the texture you like, add in the seasoning packet and the can of Rotel.  Mix everything up.  Then, start eating!  I'd never tried a Guacamole seasoning before last week.  The Concord Foods seasoning really impressed me!
Enjoy the fresh Guacamole within the next day or two to get the best flavor!


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