Little Caersars: Pizza Pizza!

For lunch today, Ian brought me a Sausage Pizza and Crazy Bread from Little Caersars Pizza. I'm not a huge fan of this "Ready when You're Ready" pizza.  In fact, Ian went last week and asked for a sausage pizza and was told, they only have pepperoni pizzas ready at lunch. That it would be at least five more minutes before a sausage pizza would be ready. This was a tad annoying, so, he went ahead and got pepperoni.  Today, he went early enough that he could get the sausage pizza for lunch.
Here's Little Caesars home page. No where does it say on the page that pepperoni is the only pizza available at certain times without a wait.

If you don't know what Little Caesars is, it's a pizza restaurant that advertises pizzas ready to go when you walk in the door.  You don't need to call ahead or wait on your order or "Hot-n-Ready' like the box says.  That was what my previous complaint about the sausage pizza was about.  They also carry other things like Wings and Crazy Bread. My personal favorite from Little Caesars is the Crazy Bread. 

I'll be the first to admit, Little Caesars may be quick and easy, but their pizza isn't always quality.  It has improved in flavor over the last two years.  In fact, when the Little Caesars opened across the street from my apartment, I ran over and bought a pizza and Crazy Bread.  That night, the pizza had barely any flavor!  Luckily, today was different!  My favorite thing at Little Caesars is the Crazy Bread!  It's so soft and chewy!  It also comes with cheddar cheese sauce for dipping! The seasoning that's on the bread is Parmesan and garlic, which I really like.
You can tell today's was super greasy though!  The bread was still pretty good!
I give Little Caesars 1 1/2 pizza pies out of 4.  It's pizza is not one of my go to pizzas.  It's improving it's flavor.  I do like the Crazy Bread.  That's what I really go back for, not the pizza. 


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