Simple Biscuit Pizza

Do you have a can of biscuits in your fridge?  I usually do!  I made this pizza one night from things that I keep in my pantry and fridge!
1 Can of Refrigerator Biscuits
1 Can of Tomato Paste (If you don't have that, you can use any jarred Spaghetti Sauce.)
1 Package of Pepperoni
1 Package of Shredded Mozzarella or Pizza Cheese
*Preheat the oven to whatever temperature the biscuit can says. 
Biscuit Pizza Before Baked
I opened the can of biscuits. (OK, honestly, I made Ian open them, because that pop sound they make scares the crap out me!)  I laid the biscuits on the Pizza Stone touching each other.  Than, I flattened them out a little bit.  After that, I spread the tomato paste on top.  I put on a sufficient amount of pepperoni, and on top of that, the Mozzarella Cheese.  I then baked it until the biscuits started to look done and the cheese was melted. 
Baked Biscuit Pizza
For a last minute idea, this biscuit pizza turned into a pretty good treat!  I used the pizza cutter to cut it, but you could almost just tear it apart by biscuit. The cheese might not stay in place if you do that, though.  These were really things I was keeping in my pantry or fridge at the time.  I'm sure, you can make your biscuit pizza with items that you like that you keep around! 


  1. I just got an idea. What if we made like a hot pocket-type pizza?

  2. Interesting, I'll have to think about that. That probably would turn more into a Calzone, or something like that.


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