Sugar Cookie Pizza

Have you ever had Sugar Cookie Pizza?  I saw something called this on Pinterest and decided, I would make my own version!
1 Roll Sugar Cookie Dough (Our you can make your own... I'm Lazy.)
1 Can Frosting of Your Choice (I've used vanilla and strawberry.)
Fruits of Your Choice
I've used: Kiwi, Strawberry, Blueberries, and Raspberries. The options are endless!
Sugar Cookie Pizza
I put the sugar cookie dough on the stoneware to cook. I followed the directions on the cook time, but I think it takes a little bit longer to cook on this kind of pan. When it is done cooking, I let it cool to room temperature.  I actually usually bake them at night, and do the rest the next day.  I iced them with the icing.  The green icing in the pick happened because, I happened to have a left over jar of green Christmas Icing in the pantry.  Trust me.  I buy all of my boxed mixes and icings at the after the holidays sales!  You will never find them cheaper!!!
After putting on the icing, I layered on my fruit.  One hint about the fruit: let it have time to dry after rinsing.  The last one of these I made got a little running on top because I didn't give the fruit enough drying time!
Cut and eat!  This is so easy, yet it looks really fancy!  It also makes you feel like you're eating something healthy because of the fruit! (I'm not condoning this as a healthy food. I'm just saying, it has healthy components!)  
I hope you all enjoy this Pizza as much as I do!


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