The Crust Trick

My Pampered Chef friend, Karen, taught me this.
2-3 Garlic Cloves (I love garlic, so, I use three!)
3 Tbs. Olive Oil
1 Pillsbury Pizza Crust
Garlic Olive Oil Mix
I start by using my Pampered Chef Garlic Press, I press three large cloves of garlic into a small bowl.  Then, I add my olive oil to the boil and mix it together.  I spread the mixture on to the stoneware with a basting brush.  It helps season the stoneware and makes the pizza crust taste awesome!  I then, put my dough onto the pan.  I use Pillsbury canned dough, but I'm sure any dough will work with this.  
After the pizza is cooked, you can taste the extra garlic in the dough.  
This is just one of the little tricks I use when I cook.  
*I use a lot of Pampered Chef Products in my cooking because I like them.  I'm sure other products work, I just happen to have and like the Pampered Chef ones.


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