Hawaiian Hay Stacks

Have you ever had a Hawaiian Hay Stack?  I think they're delicious, but my boyfriend had never had them before!
Cooked Rice (Brown, White, or Quinoa, it's your choice!)
Shredded Cheese
Ham or Chicken: I happened to have left over ham, since it was the week after Easter, so, that's what got used! These would also be really easy to turn into a vegetarian dish!
Assorted Veggies:
I used red onion and red/orange/yellow peppers.  You can use any vegetables you have around and can eat raw.
Canned Creamy Soup or Creamy Gravy (Prepare as the can instructs.)
I used cream of celery.  I know some people use cream of mushroom or cream of chicken.
Hawaiian Hay Stack
After the rice, soup, and meat are cooked per package instructions, build your haystack!  I started with rice. After that, my cream of celery soup.  I added my vegetables and pineapple on top of that, with the ham.  I top off with cheese!  
This was my first attempt of making Hawaiian Haystacks at home.  It does take some prep time to cut the veggies, make the rice, and cook the soup, but the prep time wasn't too awful.  I did make this as an after work meal.  I don't like my after work meals to take up too much time!  I like to be able to eat within an hour of getting home from work.  

How do you make your Hawaiian Haystacks?

Side Note: I'm going to start posting other recipes I make on here! I actually cook all the time! 


  1. We actually had Hawiian Haystacks for dinner tonight. Like you said they are always different depending on what you have on hand. We used brown rice, canned ham (it's cheap), grated carrots, sauted zucchini, celery, green onions, tomatoes,cheese, pineapple, and chow mein noodles. We made a white sauce and put a chicken boullion cube in it for the gravy. We always have our sweet and sour sauce over top of everything. Delicious. -Hannah


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