Hearthstone Coffee House and Pub

Originally Written December 29th, 2011:
So, Ian and I went to Hearthstone Coffee House and Pub on Tuesday night.  This night was their Special Friends and Family Night. Every thing was half price!!! This was also Hearthstone's second day open.   
The service was a bit rough for their second night open.  Hopefully, this can all be worked out in the next couple weeks! 
I was also kind of sad that when I looked at their restaurant's web site, I realized the only meals that are really served at Hearthstone are Breakfast and Lunch.  All that are available in the evenings are minimal appetizers.  I don't drink alcohol, and I'm not a huge coffee drinker.  So, the point of going to Hearthstone for me was food, and their wasn't that much to choose from.
Ian and I ordered at 6:44pm.  We ordered a full Cellerman's Plate and a full Veggie and Cheese plate with a small Snickers Cappuccino and a medium White Chocolate Peppermint cappuccino.  We went and sat down in the bar and waited.  When it hit 7pm, I went up and talked to the boys making the coffee.  We had not received anything we had ordered at this point.  I asked where our drinks were.  They told me, there were still two other tickets/orders in front of ours, and I had to wait.  (They said this nicely.)  I was a bit shocked.  So, I sat back down, and we waited some more.  Finally, about five minutes later, our Cellerman's Plate came out.  Then, one of our coffees came a few minutes later, then, the Veggie plate, and finally, the Snickers Coffee came last.  We finally had everything we had ordered at around 7:10pm.  That felt like an eternity because I was STARVING!
 My Coffee
Here's a secret: I was an official taste tester before they opened. This coffee was pretty good!

Cellerman's Platter
Ian and I shared the Cellerman's Platter and the Veggie Platter.  They were actually pretty heavy in the gut by the time we got through them.  We actually couldn't completely finish them.   The olives and the cheese were amazing.  I enjoyed the salami slices too. 

Veggie Platter
I really enjoyed the peppers and the cheese on the platter.  Ian and I both love a good olive.  These olives were up there in flavor. 

Here's some decor photos:
Antler Chandelier
When I finally own a house, I hope to be one of those people that would be hip enough to pull this off in my decor.  But for now, I'll just have too look at the one at Hearthstone. 

Fire in the Bar
There's always a little fire burning in the bar at Hearthstone.
I need to go back and check Hearthstone out again.  They have cool events all the time.  They have things like; Knitting night, Game Night, and live music.  
The main goal of Hearthstone Coffee House and Pub is to create a community atmosphere.  With the events they have, they really do this.  
Who knows, maybe some night, I'll get there for Knitting night! I also hear that now, they carry cupcakes from the Flying Cupcake, my personal favorite.  Their menu is ever evolving.


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