Home Made Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

I decided to experiment and make a Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza.  It actually turned out really good, and I even ate the left overs.  I rarely do that!

2 Medium Chicken Breasts, Cooked and Chopped
1 1/2 Sliced Onion
2-3 Roma Tomatoes Sliced
1 Cup Ranch Dressing (I personally prefer Kraft.)
4 Bacon Strips Cooked and Chopped
1 Can Pillsbury Artisan Wheat Crust
3 Cloves Garlic
3 Tbs Olive Oil
1 Bag (2 Cups) Mozzarella (Or more if you like cheese!)
Preheat oven to 375 degrees, or whatever the Pillsbury can says. 
   Microwaved Chicken Breast
To start, I put four frozen chicken breasts into my Deep Covered Baker, and microwaved them.  I through a little bit of garlic powder and Italian seasoning on them.  Four was too many!  I only ended up using about two of them for the pizza. 
Why that was cooking, I did the Crust Trick, and then, put my pizza dough on the pan.  I stuck it in the oven and cooked it for about eight minutes. 
After the chicken was done cooking, I put microwaved the bacon in the Deep Ridge Baker. 
Sliced Tomatoes and Onions
While the other stuff is cooking, I sliced up the tomatoes and onions. I used three whole Roma tomatoes and about half of the medium onion on the pizza. 
Mozzarella Cheese and Kraft Ranch Dressing
My favorite bottle Ranch dressing is Kraft!  (And they didn't pay me to say that!)  My niece, E. came and stayed with me for a while, and insisted I buy Kraft dressing. I have never gone back!  I'm not picky on brand of cheese, though. The bag pictured is store brand. 
Precooked Pizza with Toppings
After the crust is precooked, the bacon and chicken breasts are fully cooked and chopped up, and the tomatoes and onions are sliced. I started putting toppings on the pizza. First, I put a hefty amount of Ranch dressing on the crust. I didn't measure exactly how much, but it was probably close to half of the bottle or more.  We like a saucy pizza!  Then, I put on the tomatoes and onions.  After that, the bacon and chicken went on.  Then, I finished with A LOT of cheese.  I used about three cups.  
When all of the toppings were on the crust, I stuck the pizza in the oven and cooked it for 8-10 more minutes, making sure the cheese was completely melted. 
Fully Cooked Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza
After the pizza was cooked, I let it rest on the table for a couple minutes.  Then, I sliced it.  
Pizza Served
I served this pizza with salad.  The pizza turned out really good!  I usually don't go for white sauce pizzas, but the Ranch Dressing gave it a really good kick!  My sister asked if the dressing got greasy or gross.  I didn't. It cooked quite well. I don't know if that's because I use name brand dressing or not.  The chicken and bacon with the Ranch was a great flavor combination!  With the tomatoes and onions, it worked out perfect!  I would recommend this to anyone out there who wants to try to make "Gourmet" pizza at home.  They only thing was, cooking the chicken and bacon were easy, but a little time consuming.  The prep time for this pizza is around 30-45 minutes, which is a little on the long side for prep-time for me, but it really didn't feel like it took that long.  I was just really hungry while I was making it, which made the prep feel longer!


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