Red Hot Cinnamon Apple Poke Cake

Last weekend, I was going to a Halloween Party and asked to bring a dish.  I decided to make something that involved the apples I had laying on the counter.  I made Red Hot Cinnamon Apple Poke Cake.
What is a poke cake, you may ask?  A Poke Cake is a baked cake that you poke holes in and poor ingredients over the top.  What is seen the most for this kind of cake is probably Jello.

5 Small to Medium Apples Peeled and Cut Up (I used 5 Gala Apples)
2 .9oz Boxes of Red Hots (These actually came from Scotty's Brewhouse. They give them to you when you eat there.)
1 Tbs Cinnamon Sugar Mix
1 Pinch Salt
1-2 tsp Splenda/Sweentener
1-2 Cups Water
For the Cake:
1 Yellow Cake Mix (Follow the Recipe on the Box)
1 Tbs Flour
Cooking Spray
1 Tbs Cinnamon Sugar
*Preheat oven to whatever the instructions say on the Cake Mix box.  Mine said 350 degrees.

Start by peeling, coring, and cutting up my apples.  Then, put all of the ingredients for the apples into a sauce pan.  Bring them up to a boil.  Turn the heat down once they reach a boil to a low heat.  Cook the apples on low for about an hour. Stir occasionally.
While the apples are simmering, start preparing your cake.  Follow the recipe on the cake mix box.  Then, add a Tbs or more of Cinnamon Sugar mix.  (You can buy this at the store usually, or you can make your own.)  
Spray and dust an 9"X13" Cake pan.  Pour in the cake mixture, and bake the time instructed on the cake mix box.
Cooked Apples
While the cake is baking, the apples should be getting closer to done.  The apples should be easy to cut in half with your spoon. 
Cake After Baking
This is what the cake looks like after it is baked. Let it cool completely. 
Spoon for Poking
After the cake has cooled, use a handle of a spoon, to poke holes. 
Holes Poked in Cake
The cake should look something close to this after the holes have been poked in it.  I try to make them even distances in the cake.  It doesn't have too be that perfect. 
After the holes are poked in the cake and the apples have cooled, pour the Red Hot Apples mixture on top of the cake, letting the juices get into the holes. 
Red Hot Apple Cinnamon Poke Cake
This is what the cake will look like when it's finished.  I had a few people ask me if those were tomatoes on top of the cake.  The thing with apples is, they take on the colors of the Red Hot Candies.  I probably should have made a little sign to put in front of it that explained what it was.  I thought the apples looked pretty with the bright red coloring.  This cake turned out really good!  The cinnamon added to the yellow cake, gives the cake a little bit of a kick. The apples on top, tasted awesome!  If you love a good Fall apple recipe, I would go for this one!


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