Making Pizza at Home vs. Eating Pizza Out

Have you had the debate with yourself?  Eating at home versus eating out somewhere?  I've been trying to cook more at home instead of eating out.  Here are some of the things I've decided about the two options.
Eating Pizza Out:
Someone makes your food for you.
You don' t have to wash the dishes afterward.
It takes less time in most cases. 
You can just chat with your dinner guest, family, friends, spouse, significant other, etc. while waiting on your food.
It turns out exactly the same every time you go to that specific restaurant.
A Pizza Hut Pan Pizza is going to look pretty much the same every time you go!
When you go to local restaurants, like Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza or Arni's, you are supporting local businesses.
You don't have to do all of the food preparation. 
The service may not be great.  
Your food is prepared by someone else, someone you don't know. 
You don't know what ingredients or the quality of the ingredients that may be in your food.
It costs money, and money adds up after a while!


Making Pizza at Home:
You know what ingredients you are using in your food.  Even if you use a canned crust, you can read the label and decide if you want to use those ingredients. You know if the ingredients are quality ones that are fresh.
The enjoyment of cooking at home, at least I enjoy it. 
Quality time in your own home.
It costs less, in most cases.  Plus, you don't have too leave a tip, unless you're going to tip yourself.
You can invent your own kind of pizza!
You can spend quality time with your significant other, spouse, friends, ect. in the kitchen if you let them help you.
You know how clean your kitchen is and the person preparing the food. (Hopefully, you or the person preparing the food is clean!)
Washing the dirty dishes!
Sometimes the Prep-time is a little longer than you expect.
The pizza creation you make may not taste as good as you hoped!  This doesn't happen often!
Kitchen clean up after the pizza is made.
If people aren't helping you in the kitchen, it's hard to spend quality time with them.

I thoroughly enjoy both eating pizza out and making it at home!  If you've been following this pizza blog, you've probably figured that out by now!
I have this memory of a child of making pizza at home with my family.  My mom would buy the Chef Boyardee Pizza Kit and provide other ingredients: more cheese, pepperoni, sausage, onions, etc. for us to make a pizza together as a family.  I've learned as I got older, I don't even like those pizza kits.  I think the crust and the graded Parmesan that comes with them tastes awful! It's the awesome memories of doing something together as a family, helping my mom in the kitchen, and eating together that I love!
I need to learn to make my own pizza dough, but that would be an even more complicated and time consuming process for making pizza at home.  I really think Pillsbury does it right with their canned pizza doughs. There are also other brands out there, like Boboli that are really good and easy to use. 
You can make memories both by eating out and making the pizza at home!  Has your family ever tried to make a pizza at home, or do you only go out for pizza?  (Or I guess the third option would be strictly frozen pizza!  I do that every once in a while too!)  
What do you and your family prefer?


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