Lean Cuisine: Roasted Garlic Chicken Pizza-Woodfire Style

I know. You are all probably saying, "Another Lean Cuisine?!?!"   Well, I have to take something for lunch. Lean Cuisine Meals are easy to take and relatively healthy.  Today for lunch, I ate the Roasted Garlic Chicken Pizza -Woodfire Style.  View the product information here.
Front of the Box
The front of the box actually made me a little nervous this time.  I know, that's really weird, but I don't like to eat frozen dinners with chicken.  So, this is definitely a personal issue!  Luckily, I bought this anyway!
The Back of the Box
This little pizza cooks in under three minutes.  I always add ten to 15-30 seconds more, because the microwave at work doesn't cook as hot as others.  
Shrink Wrapped Pizza
Opening this pizza, before I even got it out of the plastic wrap, I got excited. This pizza looks really good.  I could tell the potential when I opened the box.  
Out of the Plastic Wrap
The hardest thing about this pizza and other Lean Cuisine pizzas, is getting it out of the plastic wrap!  I usually have to get something to poke into the wrap to get it open. This annoys me a little, because I don't always have something clean and sanitary available to open it at lunch.
The Cooked Pizza
I was pretty impressed with this little pizza!  The chicken was really good.  I am not a big fan of frozen meals that contain chicken.  The texture is weird for me.  The chicken's texture on this pizza turned out really well.  The sauce is a white sauce, which is not always my favorite, but the sauce had a good Italian flavor to it. The crust was nice and chewy.  The cheese was pretty normal for a microwave pizza.  The thing I think I was most impressed with was the chunks of garlic!  They were POWERFUL!  They had a great flavor to them.  They also stunk up the whole office when I cooked this little pizza.  My coworker informed me of this when I was done eating my lunch.  I needed a mint after I ate it.  If you're going to take this pizza for a work lunch, I would definitely make sure the Altoids are handy!  Your coworkers and customers might be very upset with you, if you are not prepared!  I give this little pizza 2 pizza pies out of four.  It definitely makes a pretty good lunch!


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