Mexican Pizza: Homemade

This may be a trade secret, but when you work at a restaurant, a lot of food experimenting goes on in the kitchen.  When I worked at Arni's in Lafayette, after hours, if we were really nice, we could ask the cooks at the Pizza Counter to make us a Mexican Pizza!  I started thinking about this last week and decided, I should try to make one at home!
1 Lb. of Taco Meat (I'm using ground beef.  You could probably use Fajita Chicken or Steak.)
1 8oz. Bag Shredded Mexican Cheese
1 8oz. Bag Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
1/2 Sliced Large Onion
2-3 Sliced and/or Diced Roma Tomatoes
1 Can Pillsbury Pizza Crust (I used the 11oz. Thin Crust.)
1/2-1 16oz Jar Picante Sauce
3-4 Cloves Garlic
3-4 Tbl. Spoons Olive Oil
*Preheat the oven according to the instructions on the can. The one I had said 400 degrees.
Picante Sauce and Toppings
I used the Crust Trick I blogged about previously. (This is when you use the garlic cloves and the olive oil.)  Then, I baked the crust for about 7 minutes.  I took it out and started adding my ingredients.  First, I put on the Picante Sauce.  I used about half the jar.  If you want it saucier, go ahead and use more.  Then, I put on the taco meat I had made for tacos earlier in the week.  I used a little more than a half a pound.  After that, I put on the tomatoes and onions.  The cheese comes next!  I love cheese!  I put on the entire package of Mexican cheese. Than, I used the entire package of Mozzarella.  
Super Cheesy! Yum!
I cooked the pizza in the oven for eleven more minutes.  I took it out and let it set for about ten more minutes.  When cooking with stoneware, the stoneware stays hot after it's taken out of the oven for a while.  This means, the food continues to bake or cook more while sitting on it.  
Finished Pizza
This pizza turned out awesome!  It tasted really great with the picante sauce. I was little worried, but I really liked it!  I used the veggies I keep normally around the apartment.  Next time I make it, I may try to get some multi-color fresh peppers on it.  
Sour Cream Garnish
I garnished this with sour cream.  I would have loved to have some fresh guacamole on it. I didn't happen to have any made this evening. I would recommend this pizza for anyone that likes to try different foods, and especially Mexican foods.  It came out tasting awesome, and didn't take a lot of time to make! 


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