Lean Cuisine: Deluxe French Bread Pizza

For lunch today, I had a Lean Cuisine Deluxe French Bread Pizza. This pizza is a pretty quick lunch, since it only takes about three and a half minutes to cook in the microwave.
Front of the Lean Cuisine Box
Back of the Box
Lean Cuisine is usually a pretty safe bet when trying to make healthier choices.  Pizza is one of those foods everyone loves, but can pack on the calories.  This Deluxe French Bread Pizza comes in at 340 calories, which is pretty good!  If you do the Weight Watchers Points Plus system, it does come in at 9 points.  That's a bit on the high side for a meal.  Sometimes, you've just got to have pizza!  
Deluxe French Bread Pizza
Most of, if not all Lean Cuisine Pizzas have a box that the pizza is to be cooked on.  There are instructions on how to open the box, so the cooking shape of it will not be destroyed. You can see in the above picture how this shape comes out.  The silver plastic sheet that the pizza is cooked on, really does give the bottom of the crust more of a crispness.  I really prefer this pizza when it's cooked in the oven, but having it ready in under four minutes is really awesome!  The pepperoni and the sausage have a good flavor to them, just the right amount of spiciness. The peppers and mushrooms have an O.K. flavor to them.   The cheese is also ok.  The bread is the part I love about this pizza.  It has a really good chewiness to it.  The tomato sauce has some Italian seasoning in it that gives it a good spicy flavor.
This little pizza suffices for a quick lunch or dinner.  I give it two pizza pies out of four for have a good amount of flavor for something that's cooked in the microwave.  


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