Taco Bell: The Mexican Pizza

These days, you can almost get pizza anywhere!  Even Taco Bell carries a Mexican pizza. This is a sad little tale of the Mexican pizza.
I get to the Taco Bell drive through, trying to quickly decide what I want.  I see the Mexican pizza on the sign and think, "It looks so good!" 
Then, I get the pizza, and it looks like this:
The Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell
When I get the Mexican pizza in the drive through, by the time I get to eating it, it usually looks like this, or something close!  It tastes OK, but it's not the best Mexican pizza I've ever had.  I don't know why I keep ordering it!  
There's also rumors that the ingredient list for the pizza includes sand! This says to me, I should not be eating this food item any more!  But every once in a while, I get in the Taco Bell drive through, and order this pizza!  
I give the pizza a half pizza pie out of four!  I need to stop eating it!


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