Archer Farms Mediterrian Arugula & Tomato Pizza

While walking through Target's frozen food section, I saw that they made a Mediterranean Arugula Tomato pizza. Well, after my experience with the Trader Joe's Arugula pizza, I had to try the Target brand! Archer Farms is the Target brand of foods.  I like a lot of the items that Archer Farms makes.  One of them was a frozen Bruchetta Bread. Sadly, that has been discontinued, or at least I can't find it locally.
Front of the Box
The front of this box is very promising, with all of the tomatoes and cheese circles.  It got me excited about this pizza!
Plastic Wrapped Pizza
When I opened the box and looked at the pizza, I found the arrangement of the toppings kind of interesting.  The mozzarella was in gigantic slices on top of ever thing else. I couldn't tell if they were supposed to be on top of the other toppings, and they were just thrown on, or if they were supposed to be arranged in the manner they were.
Pizza on the Oven Rack
I cooked this pizza directly on the oven rack.  Maybe I should have used the pizza stone for this one.  The crust was so crisp, it was almost hard to chew. 
Cooked Arugula Pizza
This pizza's cheese browned up really nice, crust looked really nice.  The only problem is when I went to bite into it. It was almost to hard to bite into.  The tomatoes on this pizza were almost sour.  This was a sad comparison to the Arugula pizza from Trader Joe's. 
Slice of Arugula Pizza
This frozen pizza was a bit of a disappointment.  After the excitement of eating the Arugula pizza from Trader Joe's the week before, I expected more.  On it's own, even without the comparison, the pizza was just ok.  It needed more cheese and better tasting tomatoes.  I give this pizza 1 and a 1/2 pizza out of 4 pizza pies.  I just expected more from a frozen pizza. I will probably not be getting this one again.   


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