An Open Letter to Taco Bell

Dear, Taco Bell.
I just want to let you know that the Sagamore Parkway Location in West Lafayette, IN is doing an awesome job!  I don't know if you hear that enough. 
My boyfriend and I took my mother there. She is 79 years old and suffers from hearing loss.  A young man/employee named Marcus saw us guiding her in and ran to the door and opened it for us.  He then kindly took our order, listening carefully to every word she said.  She wanted part of her meal to go, and he made sure to tell the rest of the employees/staff instructions of that.  After we all ordered, we went and found a seat to wait to be called up for our order.  Then, a nice young woman brought us our order to our table. 
While we were eating, my mom was saying that the hot sauce she grabbed was actually hot sauce and not the mild she had meant to get.  Marcus was out there cleaning up the drink station and condiment station and heard her say it.  He immediately brought her a few mild sauces!
This young man works very hard and is very kind and courteous! He deserves a raise and a pat on the back! 
Next time we are in West Lafayette, we will be visiting this Taco Bell Location again!
Thank you so much to Marcus, the Manager Michael, and the rest of the Sagamore Parkway location of Taco Bell!
Heather Pechin


  1. Good customer service at Taco Bell? Don't see that very often. Did you post this/mention them on Twitter? They are really easy to engage with on Twitter. Make sure they see this.

    1. Yes, Facebook and Twitter, and they've actually already responded to me on Facebook!
      When I go to the Glendale location here in town, they are usually really good with customer service. Sometimes it's just slow going AND I've learned to never order the Pizza Hut pizza at the drive thru!


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