Portillo's: A Chicago Tradition!

When we went on vacation, we had too make a stop at Portillo's! Portillo's is known for their hot dogs!  They also have other awesome foods on the menu, like their famous Italian Beef Sandwich, which can be shipped to you, to their Polish Sausage!  They are also opening more locations across the country, like Scottsdale, AZ.
Pick Up Counter
If you've never been to Portillo's before, ordering can be a little overwhelming!  You walk up to a counter, and there's this long menu on the wall.  The problem is, it all looks so good! We walked up to a guy at the counter and ordered.  My niece an her boyfriend go here all the time, so, the were done ordering in minutes. I on the other hand, took a long time studying the menu, making sure I was ordering the right thing. 
After ordering, you wait at the pick up counter and wait for your number to be called.  
The Food Comes Wrapped
When we picked up our food, it was on a tray and wrapped, and in a bag.  It seemed like a lot of paper products for two sandwiches, two orders or fries, two drinks, and two cheese sauces. 
Emily's Italian Beef
Emily says, every time she eats at Portillo's, she gets the Italian beef.  The Italian beef is one of their top menu items.  You can also get kits to make these shipped UPS to your home!
Ian's Chili Dog
Ian ordered a chili dog.  He said it was really good.  It looks really messy because of the wrapping. 
My Polish Sausage
I ordered the Polish Sausage. It comes with grilled onions, mustard, and ketchup.  I really like it!  It brought back memories of when I was little.  When I was a kid, there was a Village Pantry down the street. My parents would take me there, and let me get a polish sausage.  
The Portillo's polish sausage had a great flavor to it! The grilled onions were cooked to perfection! 
Crinkle Cut Fries
The fries are crinkle cut! That always makes for a good fry! You can also get cheese sauce with them. I really love a good cheese sauce! These were really good fries!
I give Portillo's 3 and a half pizza pies out of four. Going to Portillo's brings back memories, whether or not your are from the Chicago Area.  The location we went to was in Bollingbrook, IL. It had a great atmosphere. The atmosphere is very family friendly.  The only negative was the counter and the menu are bit on the intimidating side for me.  For most other people, they would have no issues with them.  I'm going to have to make Portillo's more of a priority on my places to visit in the future! 



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