Healthy Smoothy: Dairy Free

I saw a pin on Pinterest today that said: Smoothy, 0 Weight Watchers Points!  When I clicked on the link, it just took me to a picture, and not the original recipe. It says, "Click on the picture for original recipe." When I did that, it took me to ANOTHER Pinterest Pin! Seriously? So, I decided to just make it up myself!
I tried to make this as simple as possible!

4 or 5 Large Strawberries Cut
1 Small Banana
1 Large Handful of Blueberries
1-2 Cups Diet Lemon Lime Soda
Some Ice

Chopped Fruits
First I washed and chopped my fruit. 
Then, I threw my fruit, about a cup and a half of ice, and the diet lemon lime soda into the blender. I put about enough soda up to about the half way point of the ingredients. Then, I pulsed the blender a few times to get the ice broken up.  After that, I put the blender on blend for about 30 seconds. 
This serves 2, or you can drink it all yourself!  This has no extra sugar in it.  It didn't need it!  It was naturally really sweet.  If you have the stuff laying around to make a smoothy, I say try it!  This was like having dessert for breakfast!


  1. I have to have some kind of protein in the morning. How do you think almonds or almond butter would go in this?

    1. I agree with Angie! Almond milk or almonds sound really good! Maybe next time I'll use that! The recipe I saw had lemon lime in it. Since I had it, I used it! Next round: Almonds!

  2. @Jenny I bet you could use almond milk instead of the lemon lime soda and it would be scrumptious!! I think I might try this with blackberries instead of blueberries. :)


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