A Chicago Style Hot Dog

On our trip to Chicago, I decided to try a real "Chicago Style" hot dog, made by a person in Chicago. I accomplished this in the Shed Aquarium's cafeteria.

The Chicago Style Hot Dog
They start of this whole thing is the Vienna Beef Hot Dog.  These are advertised every where in the Chicago area.  This must be super important. Even on the front page of the Vienna Beef site, it says, "Chicago's Hot Dog."
After the hot dog and bun, comes tomatoes, onions, relish (which is a bright neon greenish color), yellow mustard, and chili peppers.
Honestly, I had to deconstruct this hot dog a bit before I could start eating it.  I took off the chili peppers completely, and I ate the pickle on its own.  The Chicago Style hot dog will be messy!  There's really no way around that, aside from eating it with a fork.  And who eats a hot dog with a fork?
I actually really like hot dogs and eat them often at home.  It's not something I would normally get out to eat, unless I'm at a ball park.  I might start trying to make the Chicago Style hot dog at home.  Most of these ingredients I already have at home.
But I would suggest "When in Rome" or Chicago, go ahead and try a Chicago Style hot dog!  


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