The Liebster Award

A friend of mine from college, Beth Adams gave me The Liebster Award.  She is also a blogger, and writes an amazingly intelligent blog that I enjoy reading!  Her blog, is a look into many other cultures.  I love reading about the cultures she explores!  I also love that she cooks a meal from every culture.  I'm a foodie, obviously, and learning about foods through Beth has been a fun experience!
For me to receive this award, I have too pass it on to other bloggers/blogs that have less than 300 followers.  I'm going to share some of my favorite blogs I have been reading lately!

Angela Warner's blog ( has some interesting ideas for the home and speaking about her personal journey.  But my favorite part are her recipes!  She comes up with some very creative Ideas that I haven't ever thought of.  I love to see what she is going to cook next!

My friend, Gina Vinson writes a blog,  This blog chronicles her life with her son.  Her young son Liam has autism.  I love hearing about their triumphs!  Seeing things through Gina's perspective is enlightening. 

Laura Corbin is an awesome cook!  I had gotten to experience a few of her dishes at church events.  Other friends comment on how good her recipes are.  She blogs about her amazing cooking and baking on

I've known Jennifer Loposhok since college.  She writes a blog,  She talks about her life with a toddler and her husband.  She also reviews books!  She has a great insight in her reviews on the literature she reviews. 

Allison Weaver has a vast knowledge of Pop Culture.  She writes about it on her blog  If you ever have a Pop Culture question, she is a great resource!

Now, for 11 facts about myself:
1. I am a night owl.  I get a lot less sleep than I should to be a functioning person.  But I press on!
2. I love everything Disney!
3. I direct and choreograph the Indy Adult Show Choir.  
4. I have 13 nieces and nephews, nine of them from one brother, and I've lost count of how many great nieces and nephews I have.  I think it's up to 20 or higher. 
5. I love being able to watch seasons of television shows straight through. I'm currently watching "Fringe."
6. I write a personal blog,
7. I received a Kidney Transplant at 21 years old, and the kidney is still going after 13 years!
8. I hate going out to eat at places where I can make the food better at home.  Cracker Barrel is one of those places.  It's hard for me to go out for Italian also.
9. I have two cats. One named Whiney, who is Evil.  One named Kassie Kitty, who is good!
10. I have a ten gallon fish tank that currently only holds to Algae Eaters. I thought they were both dead at one point, but saw them both swimming around they other morning.  I'm thinking they are Zombie fish!
11. My boyfriend and I met online.  Ya, we're one of those couples!  I knew it was love when he told this stupid story about a broken camera, and the woman returning it at Walmart.  We both thought the exact some thing!


  1. Wow thank you! I'll work on getting a post up this afternoon and I'll be wracking my brain for the 11 facts. Thanks again!! :D


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