Szechuan Garden: A West Lafayette Staple

The Szechuan Garden has been in West Lafayette, IN for as long as I can remember.  I remember going there with my mom when I was really young and her June Birthday Club.  The June Birthday Club was a group of women from church that always got together in June and celebrated, because most of them had June birthdays. I also remember going there when my niece was little and I wasn't very old, and she choked a little on a piece of broccoli.  My sister made a comment about how Chinese restaurants don't over cook the vegetables, and that's why my niece was having a hard time eating them. 
When Ian and I got to West Lafayette last week, I had to thoughts on my mind: I needed a restroom, and I needed food!  We pulled into the parking lot of an area with three or for other restaurants, I saw the sign for the Szechuan Garden and said, "We're going there!"  I'm glad we did!
We got there in time to receive the lunch special prices.  Most of the lunch specials were $5.99 and include soup, rice, a main dish, and a spring roll.  For soup, the choices are egg drop or my personal favorite, hot and sour.  When we saw the prices for lunch, we knew we had picked the right place to eat!
Hot Tea
As soon as we were seated at our table, we were asked if we wanted hot tea.  I said yes.  It was really good.  It comes with the meal.  
Hot and Sour Soup
One of my favorite Chinese foods, that I expect to get when going out to a Chinese restaurant, is the Hot and Sour Soup. I judge a Chinese restaurant or buffet entirely on their Hot and Sour Soup.  This one past with flying colors!  It was really good!  When I look up this restaurant on the Urban Spoon review site, the Hot and Sour Soup is mentioned by name.  The reviewer also says, "Best Hot and Sour Soup anywhere!"  I really enjoyed the soup, and may go back at some point, based on that sole fact. 
Ian with his Chicken and Brocolli
Ian got the chicken and brocolli with brown rice and the spring roll.  He said that it tasted it was ok, or slightly better than a cheap china buffet.  Ian said, "The chicken seemed like it had been under a heat lamp or something, and it was kind of rubbery."  
Sweet and Sour Chicken
I got the Sweet and Sour Chicken with brown rice and a spring roll.  I really like when Sweet and Sour Chicken comes with a few vegetables and pineapple, and this one did.  Maybe I should have gotten the sauce on the side, because there was a lot of it.  That didn't stop me from eating every thing that was on the plate!  
For a plate of Chinese food for six bucks, I didn't expect much.  I was impressed with what I received.  Ian my have had a slightly different experience with the food than I did.  The service was good. The restaurant was clean.  The price was right.  
I give the Szechuan Garden 3 pizza pies out of 4.  I would definitely eat there again! This place holds some interesting memories for me as a child.  That means it's been around for at least 25 years!  It's become a West Lafayette tradition.



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