Papa John's Delivery

This weeks pizza is from Papa John's.  This isn't one of my favorite pizzas, but we tried it anyway. 

Ian ordered our pizza online. He found the ordering process easy and accurate.  When he ordered the pizza, it even did some suggestive marketing.  We ended up with bacon cheese sticks. 
Ian: Would you like bacon on the cheese sticks?
Me: When has anyone ever said no to bacon?!?!

They were pretty good, but they only came with garlic butter and tomato sauce.  I would have loved some cheese! Besides, there was BACON! (Basically, they are pizza without sauce.)

We ordered half with the usual: Bacon, Tomato, and Mushroom and half with Pepperoni, Sausage, and Bacon.  Papa John's did well with keeping the toppings on their own sides.  I pretty much stayed with the Tomato, Mushroom, and Bacon side.  The tomatoes and mushrooms were good.  I just wish the bacon was just a little more flavorful.  The crust was very bread stick'ish.  I dipped it in the garlic butter.  I also ate the peppercini that came with the pizza.  It was spicey and delicious. 
Papa John's isn't one of my absolute favorites, but it holds its own.  I give Papa John's Pizza 2 and 3/4 pizza pies out of 4.  If you aren't feeling like cooking and want pizza delivered to your door, order some Papa John's Pizza!


  1. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the Papa John's pizza. I have always been a fan because the pizza always tastes the exact same. No matter where you go, where you eat it; it always tastes the same. Think of it as the McDonald's of pizza. Plus, the guy has one of the best fake tans I have ever seen! I love it!


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