Frozen Pizza: Jack's Original Supreme Pizza

Sorry, it's been over a week since I've blogged.  Hopefully, the blogs will start coming out more often.  I will also have guest bloggers that eat pizza in different cities.  I can't wait to have my guest blogger from the Chicago area blog about one of my favorites, Giordano's, which serves the original Chicago style pizza!!!
Also, I can't wait to start eating pizza in different cities, like Mama Bear's in Bloomington.  But now, to this week's pizza.
I have actually had two frozen pizzas in the last week, but I'm going to blog about Jack's Original Supreme Pizza.
This is one of my go-to frozen pizzas. 
The picture on the packaging is good looking pizza! 
So, you stick this pizza in the oven for about 15 minutes. 
It has good sauce, onions, peppers, pepperoni, and sausage.  The cheese is mozzarella.  The meat has a nice meaty taste and good consitancy.  The veggies are very small/diced.  My oven cooks uneven and hot, so, I always cook things about 25 degrees under the recommended temperature and watch it very closely.  (Yay for old apartment ovens that haven't been replaced in 25-ish years!!!)

This is how it looks frozen.  I usually move the pepperoni around a bit to even it out. I bake it straight on the rack without a pizza pan.

This is how it looks after it's been cook in my apartments old oven. You can see the uneveness on the cheese.  But this is still tasty goodnesss!  There are few veggies on this, but the ones that are on here taste pretty good and held up to freezing.  The pepperoni has a good flavor with a little bit of spice to give the pizza some kick.  The sausage has a little bit of kick, but it's not overly spicey.  The cheese seems to be quality, and even though it has been frozen bakes well.  The sauce is a good mix of sweet and zesty.  The crust is very thin, but it cooks up well when the pizza is baked on the rack without the pan. Over all, this Supreme pizza has good flavor, a good mix between all of the components.  Jack's frozen pizza makes for a good quick pizza fix, whether it's an emergency meal to pull out of the freezer, or something to eat while you watch a movie at home.  I give Jack's Original Supreme Pizza a 2 1/4 pizza pies out of 4 rating.  It's pretty good for a frozen pizza. 


  1. I don't think that brand is available here in NM.

  2. I love Jack's pizza. Oh man, so good! I used to get these for an afternoon snack. I also am weird about how I eat my frozen pizzas too. I cook them but not all the way through. I like the cheese in the middle to be a bit cool and not quite all the way melted. The pizza itself has already been cooked once, so it is completely safe. But I hope you write on this blog a lot more because I LOVE MY pizza. I want to write a guest post too or have you write one for me. Let's get together, eat some pizza, and write! I love it!


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