WB's Pizza

This week, Ian and and I went to WB Pizza.  We love WB Pizza!!! I was the mayor on Foursquare, but now Ian is. Boo!  Ian gave me a gift card for WB for my Birthday. 
WB Pizza is a great local restaraunt. We end up eating here once every couple weeks. The people are friendly and kind.  The food is awesome!

There's a frequent customer discount card!  Something is free every fifth visit!
They also serve Pepsi products.  I actually prefer Pepsi products!
This is the garlic bread.  It's very buttery. It comes with two sauces. We get cheese and marinara.  The marinara was a bit spicey this week, but it was still great!
You can order deep dish or or thin crust pizza.  This is a deep dish with Bacon, Tomato, and Mushroom.  It was slightly well done this week.  That doesn't bother me.  The cheese is always fresh and tastes like a good mozarella.  The Bacon pieces are a good size and always dispersed propperly on the pizza.  The tomato is diced/crushed into very small pieces.  This creates a nice texture and flavor.  There's a choice between portabella mushrooms and small regular mushrooms.  We get the regular ones. They have a nice mild flavor. The crust on this pizza is pretty amazing. Since it's a deep dish pizza, it has a nice soft bread like crust.  I usually save the left over sauce from the garlic bread to dip the pizza crust in.
We usually go on week nights, and they aren't extremely busy.  This time, we were there on a Friday. They were a bit busier.  We were still treated well!   The server we usually have is this really nice woman.  She keeps the drinks refilled and the food coming!  I give WB Pizza 3 and 3/4 pizza pies out of four.  I took the quarter off due to the pizza being a bit well done this time.  This place is definitely an awesome Indianapolis home town specialty!


  1. I love the discount card. Any place that gives me something free just for showing up is alright in my book. I drive by there ALL the time, but have never eaten there. Tell the manager that your blog has encouraged a new customer as I plan to try that place sometime this or next week. I can't wait to try the cheese bread either; what other sauces can you get?


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