Lean Cuisine: Deep Dish Roasted Vegetable Pizza

This week, I had a Lean Cuisene, Deep Dish, Roasted Vegetable Pizza. 
You can have one of these mini pizzas for lunch, and not blow your diet! Lean Cuisine meals also have the amount of Weight Watchers points each one is.  This pizza is 6 points.  That's pretty good for a pizza! It also has other health guide lines on the front of the box for anyone who wants the nutrition values.
This is the nutrition information that is also on the back on the box.
This is how it comes in the box.  It's wrapped in plastic too.  It was a little bit hard to get out of the plastic.
This is the box it comes in.  Pull it apart and fold it a certain way and, Walla! A pizza baking sheet for the for the microwave.  It crisps the bottom of the crust.  This pizza bakes in less than a mere three minutes!

This is what the pizza looks like cooked.  It was actually pretty tasty.  It has onions, green and red peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes.  By now, everyone probably knows that I prefer meat, but this pizza is ok for being a veggie pizza.  I do wish the veggies had more of a flavor; the cheese is ok.  The sauce was ok.  The crust was good and bread-like, even though it is cooked in the microwave. I give this pizza 1 pizza pie out of 4. This pizza can get you by if you have a taste for pizza, but you don't want all of the calories!


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