The Rathskeller: An Indianapolis Favorite

The Rathskeller has been an Indianapolis favorite for many years!  Located in the Mass Avenue area, this restaurant brings it's Bavarian charm to the neighborhood.
How many Deer can you put on a wall?
Ian and I sat in the bar area.  This restaurant is huge, yet, the bar was crammed full of people that night.  You can order from the full dinner menu or the sandwiches menu in the bar. If you sit in other areas in the restaurant, you can only order from the dinner menu in the evening ours. 
Ice Tea in a Beer Glass
I ordered ice tea.  It came in this gigantic beer glass.  Ian ordered water, and it came in a plastic disposable cup.  I just thought these were interesting ways to receive drinks in a restaurant. 
Pretzel Appetizer with Spicy Mustard
We ordered the soft pretzel with spicy mustard for out appetizer. It was awesome!  When they say spicy mustard, they mean it!  It must be full of horse radish. You can't just go shove a bunch of it in your mouth!  The spicy mustard cleans out your sinuses! At $2.50, the Pretzel is like one you would get at a carnival or fair.  It's had a really nice soft texture and a good pretzel taste.
French Onion Soup
I'll admit it. I've had a small obsession with French Onion Soup lately. The Rathskeller did not disappoint!  This soup had the cheese baked on top and the bread under the cheese.  It had a great flavor for such a common soup.  Also, since French Onion Soup is French, I didn't expect to be able to get it at a German themed restaurant.  It was a nice warm item to eat before going on the Ghost Walk in the cold!
Grilled Tenderloin with Corn
Ian got the grilled tenderloin sandwich. It came with a side, and he chose corn with bell peppers. The tenderloin can also come breaded, which is the normal way to get it in Indiana.  Ian said, he was trying to get a healthier meal.  This tasted really good!
Brat with Sour Kraut and German Potato Salad
I ordered the brat with sour kraut and German potato salad.  The brat was pretty normal.  Something you would expect to get at a German themed restaurant.  It was served on a French bread bun, Saur Kraut, and the spicy mustard.  I actually requested regular mustard to eat on this, because of the spiciness of the other mustard.  I ended up eating the brat with a knife and fork.  I only ate half of the bun, because it's hard to pick this up and eat it the normal way.  The French bread bun was pretty good, but with both pieces, it was too much bread for me.
The item I was most impressed with on this plate was, the potato salad.  It was warm.  It had a creamy texture with a vinegar flavor to it.  I loved it!  I think I need to find a good German Potato Salad recipe like this!
The sandwiches are also served with a pickle spear.
The bar was packed!  It was a Saturday night, and they had a band in the beer garden.  They had three or four private parties and wedding receptions going on at the same time in this building.  The server was kind and efficient.  If she couldn't get to our drinks to refill them, another server or the busser would even check on them.  The food felt comforting, especially the soup and the pretzel.  We will definitely be going back the the Rathskeller to eat again! 


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