My First Pizza Blog!

I really like pizza!  I eat it at least once a week.  Sometimes more!  I worked at a legendary Lafayette pizza restaurant for almost three years.  On Foursquare, I'm the mayor of one of my favorite pizza restaurants on the northeast side of Indy.  I've decided to blog about my love of pizza.
I'm going to cover many different kinds of pizza on this blog.  Take out, dine in, store bought, delivered, you name it!  I will also cover other aspects if at a restaurant, appetizers, deserts, and service.
This week, I'm going to start simple with Pizza Hut.  Not just any Pizza Hut, but Taco Bell/Pizza Hut. Ian and I went into the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut with full intent of ordering tacos and nachos.  As we walked in the door, there was a poster that said, "Supreme Pizza, now with 6 toppings!"  My love of pizza won me over, and so, I ordered a PH1, which is: one personal size Supreme pizza, three bread sticks, tomato sauce and cheese deep, and a drink. 
This pizza itself looked pretty tasty, even though they are premade when you go to a Taco Bell/Pizza Hut.

I was down to the last piece when I realized I should take a picture if I'm going to blog about it!

The dipping sauces are quite tasty also.  I think getting cheese for your bread sticks is an Indiana thing.  I've gone to other states and asked for cheese and got the "are you crazy?!" look.
The pizza actually has a pleasing flavor.  The meat is good. The sauce is sweet.  If you're a veggie pizza lover, I don't recomend the Supreme for that purpose.  The meat is definitely the prominent topping on this little pizza. The crust is the pan crust that they are known for.  I like to dip this in the tomato and cheese sauces.
The bread sticks at this Pizza Hut have the amazing Garlic/Parmesan/Oregano topping the Pizza Hut makes.  I love that stuff! These bread sticks had a good combination of crunchy and chewy.

Pizza for me is a go to food.  The people at this Taco Bell/Pizza Hut are always very kind, inside or at the drive through.  The only bad thing is if you order pizza during non-peak times in the drive through, they will try to talk you out of it. 
I give the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza 2 3/4 pizza pies out of 4. 
It's good for a pizza that's ready to go when you walk in the restaurant's door.


  1. I think the Pizza Hut drive through rocks. I wish we had one here.

  2. Pizza Hut is Gordon's favorite chain restaurant pizza. But we have a couple local places here that have won our hearts.

  3. I love Pizza Hut pizza. We recently had an issue with them actually. We ordered a large pizza with different toppings on each side. Sheryl likes the meats and I like the veggies. It was also a stuffed crust pizza. Anyway, when we got it not only were the toppings wrong the pizza did not have a stuffed crust.

    I called in, explained what had happened, and come to find that I was also charged twice. Regardless, they fixed the charges and gave me that pizza for free, and also gave me a free pizza the next time we call in. They were quick to correct the issue. But, did you know that a single slice of their thick crust supreme has some 700 calories in it? Just ONE piece. I get the super supreme as it has more veggies on it. I wonder how many calories THAT piece has! Crazy!


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